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Mick Daley (Australia)

The Garden Stage at The Harbour Bar - Fri Aug 11th at 10pm - FREE

The Musical Voyage with Irelands Eye Ferries - Sat Aug 12th at 4pm Purchase Purchase tickets for the voyage here:


Based anywhere along the East Coast of Australia you care to name, Mick Daley is a hard work driving man. A folk singer/songwriter who fronts rock bands too. Wild colonial ballads are his thing. 

On an extended tour of Ireland, he’s playing his own twisted take on a history  that derives from ancestors in Cork and Tipperary, convicted for stealing a shred of silk or a few potatoes. Exiled to the great southern land, also stolen from the most ancient people on earth, his ancestors become bushrangers, miners or landed gentry, founding new generations of Irish Australian rebels.

Mick’s returned to Eire to distil that spirit, hoping to brew a potent drop and raise a glass to the ghosts and gangsters that haunt his exile songs.

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