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The Phil Lynott Stage at The Bloody Stream

Sunday August 11th at 6pm - FREE

Niamh Strong, a singer with a lineage deeply rooted in Ireland’s musical heritage, leads the band. She first showcased her talent at the age of nine, and has since developed a unique vocal style that encompasses the richness of blues, the depth of soul, and the intricacy of jazz. Her family background, with her father Rob Strong being a legendary blues singer and her brother Andrew Strong known for his role in the film “The Commitments”, adds to the allure of her music.

The performance is part of a series of music events organised by Arthur’s Blues and Jazz Club, a venue renowned as the home of blues and jazz in Ireland. The club has hosted over 15,000 attendees across various events, making it a staple in the Dublin music scene.

Niamh Strong’s recent works include her album “Niamh Strong Sings Eva Cassidy”, a tribute to the influential singer Eva Cassidy, and original songs “Brighter Days” released in 2022, and “Yesterday” released in 2023.

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