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The See See Riders

The Garden Stage at The Harbour Bar

Saturday August 12th at 9.30pm - FREE


The See See Riders (from Germany) are a young quartet dedicated to blues, roots and string band music. They not only want to copy their great musical idols from the US Southern States of the 20s and 30s, but rather create a contemporary acoustic sound that sets accents with modern arrangements of long-forgotten songs. In addition, their own compositions fit well into this period. In addition to typical themes such as suffering and love, humorous pieces with all kinds of ambiguities are also expressed and told with a wink in the eye. This variety of themes is embedded in various styles of early rural and urban blues as well as in fast ragtime and swing pieces. The combo can not only be found at blues events, but also at swing dance and folk events.


The unique selling point of the See See Riders is also the line-up: with resonator guitars, violin and double bass, The See See Riders present typical string band instruments, which are rarely seen on stages these days.

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