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The Flying Monkeys

The Smokin Stage at McNeills

Saturday August 12th at 5pm - FREE

The Flying Monkeys are a 6 piece Blues band consisting of Vocals, 2 Guitars, Bass, Drums & Harmonica. Originally stared as a two piece blues project by Mick and David in 2019 the songs quickly out grew the sound of a two piece and by 2022 the Flying Monkeys were joined by members of several other Blues bands to form a full 6 piece band. With songs varying from Muddy Waters to Skip James, they aim to pay homage to the larger than life sound of the blues from the Juke Joints of the Delta to the streets of Chicago. This band of experienced musicians hold nothing back with their genuine recreation of the Blues classics.


Guitar - Alex Tzschentke

Guitar - Des McHugh

Bass - Liam McGovern

Drums - Fran Dowling

Harmonica - David Bavon

Vocals - Uncle Mick

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