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The Outsiders

O'Connells Front Bar

Saturday August 12th at 9.30pm - FREE


The Outsiders sees the coming together of Tony Floyd Kenna, Dermot Reynolds, Dave Sweeney and Downtown Detroit Jon, all veterans of the Irish Rock & Blues scene. Musicians, songwriters, performers, producers bringing together an eclectic mix of original songs and classic covers reimagined. 


The four members got together in early 2022 for some specific unplugged appearances and totally unplanned, a band was born.


Tony has a history in writing, producing, engineering, recording and performing with over a dozen Solo and Collaborative albums released in the last ten years alone. As well as Solo work bands included TF.K. All Stars, Maggie's Farm, Face To Face, Rocky DeValera and The Gravediggers (Founder member) and more. 



David Sweeney is an acclaimed guitarist and performer as well as an experienced songwriter. Two Solo albums of recent times will shortly be joined by a third. Musical heritage includes Solo work, The Vipers, Max Quad, International Blues Band, Fat Lady Sings, Rocky DeValera And The Gravediggerrs (Founder member) and lots lots more ...



Dermot Reynolds is a long time Solo songwriter with two recent Solo Album releases to his name. As a performer Dermot has done numerous solo gigs and choir performances as well as being part of the T.F.K. All Stars.



Downtown Detroit Jon is the main mover behind Dublin's Downtown Detroit Studios. Jon's history includes a massive amount of collaboration with more songs written and recorded than he can remember.

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