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The Festival Rootenannywith Paul Byrne & Friends

The Smokin' Stage at McNeills

Sunday August 13th at 9.30pm - FREE


Hi folks,


I hope you all discover a great band or artist at this festival that you'd love to go and hear again or check them out online. And if you do then the festival has achieved it's goal. Ireland is full of great live bands and this is a way of hearing lots of them over a day or a weekend. To celebrate the end of the festival I'm gathering some mates (blues-rock guitarist Johnny Daly, bass legend Jack Dublin and vintage :) keyboardist Sarge) I we'll be joined by various festival artists for the official end-of-festival bash "The Rootenanny". 

It will be loud and loose, who knows who might turn up or what might happen? See you there. PB

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